A Routine Quarrel Manipulated: Mosque and Properties Being Destroyed

22nd September 2014


Photo Credit -Eleven Media

In Myit Chay Village, Pakokku Township, a quarrel over debt sparked off spreading hate speech against Muslims , resulting in a mob attack on a mosque, a house and a shop.

Eleven Media, a local media, reported the event in detail that on 20th Sept, at night, a quarrel between Moe Win’s couple and Cho Mar Thet started when she asked them for a wage, 5,000 Kyat. The couple pulled her into their compound and beat her. She cried the neighbourhood for help. The rumor that a non-Buddhist couple was collectively beating a Burmese woman was spread to cause a crowd.

The media mentioned the village administrator U Myint Kyaw’s statement that the authorities enabled to manage the crowd at the beginning, but another mob reached and began destroying the mosque.


Photo- Facebook

7Days, another domestic media, reported that security forces did not take any action at the beginning of the event and in case they controlled effectively the situation at that time, the situation would not become as bad as the current condition.

Regarding to this news, Moe Win was reported as a Muslim. However, one local Muslim media reported that he had already been not-practicing Muslim for a few years ago and his wife was also a Buddhist.

It was blogged that though the propaganda of the couple’s hiding inside the mosque after escape during the incident was promulgated, a Buddhist monk in Moe Win’s wife’s native village hid them in his monastery indeed.

It was announced that the couple was arrested and charged under four law sections.

Nevertheless, the thugs of the mob attack against the mosque and properties had not been taken any action yet.

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