Onisa Naing @ Thuzar Naing, a Myanmar- Muslim student who passed GCSE Exam and the youngest candidate breaking the record with the most A*

Interviewed by Kyaw Soe Win, M-Media CJ

It is found that Onisa Naing @ Thuzar Naing, daughter of Ko Pharuk and Ma Phyu, the youngest candidate who has broken the world record in passing GCSE Exam with the most A*. She came from Myanmar and staying in England.

As she outstanding passed with 13 (A*), 1 (A) in Year- 9 and 10 (A*) in year-10 2014, breaking the world record. She was honored at Parliament House of England, it is learnt. Then the brilliant student Onisa Naing @ Thuzar Naing was awarded prize and honored on (26. 5. 2014) at 3 PM by Myanmar Muslim Community in England.

Ko Kyaw Soe Win, one of the CJ from London had made an interview with the student Onisa Naing @ Thuzar Naing on 23rd May,2014.

Q: : Your full-name, parents and sibling?
A: : I’m Onisa Naing@ Thuzar Naing, eldest among three sibling, the middle is Umera Naing and Mozina Naing is the youngest. My parents are Ko Pharuk and Ma Phyu.

Q: : May I Know your age and date of birth?
A: : I was born in 1999.

Q: : Were you born and brought up in a foreign country or when did you study abroad?
A: : I attended school till Grade 3 in Myanmar then I got England.

Q: : Which school are you attending now and what’s its Location?
A: : It’s Connough School for girl, Leytonatone, London, United Kingdom.

Q: : We found that you had passed GCSE Exam with world record and you are going to be awarded at the Parliament House of England. What is the reason to be registered as a world record?
A: : Getting the most A* at the age of 15 and also the youngest candidate, made me a world record.

Q: : Will you please explain about that GCSE? How can a student study and pass the exam?
A: : It’s the same level as GCSE 0 Level Myanmar.

Q: : How did you endeavor to win this award? Let me know how you had taken time to do so?
A: : Normally I attended tuition class about four hours in a week. I generally make self-study at home. I had been preparing last two years to take my exam.

Q: : As you have been awarded in Year-9, do you have the same ambition in Year-10?
A: : Of Course, I always try hard and still trying.

Q: : How did your parents take time to nurture you to become such a successful daughter?
A: : Since my childhood, I tried a lot by nature. So nothing special for my parents to urge me.

Q: : I’ve learnt that you are a Muslim. At present you are attending school in England and do you have any difficulty of being discriminated because of different race and religion?
A: : There is no racist here at all and I had good relations with my friends.

Q: : Being a Muslim girl, what messages do you want to give to other fellow Muslim youths?
A: : I wish to advise all Muslim students in Myanmar to be successful and outstanding students.
I deeply urge the children in Myanmar at present, especially girls, to try hard in education.
Women should not be occupied only with household chores in your life. They have to live appropriately with modern era, they should study modern education. They must not lose sight of modern education. They should study both religious and secular educations.
-Thank you so much for answering my questions.

Translated by D-Rose

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