Myanmar Islamic Religious Organization sends a formal demand letter to the President for proceedings against the Aung Jeyatu Journal that has committed Religious Offense

22nd October,2014
Repored by Chan Nyein Aye

On 17th October 2014, issue No. 44, Aung Jeyatu Journal has published an article insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with fabricated information and groundless accusation, issued across Burma that directly jeopardising peace and stability in the country. It is also breaching the rule of law. Therefore, Islamic organisations in Burma have complained against the journal to President Thein Sein on 22nd October 2014.

The article says, Prophet Muhammad is a curse for the world; Islam permit to rape women and Islam is unethical religion that prioritises to seek wealth rather than humanity.

According to Burmese constitution, section 362 has recognized  Buddhist, Christian, Islam, Hinduism and Paganism  as state religions. The section 363 says, it is the obligation of the government to support and protect these religions at its best. Further more, the constitution says in section 364, any activity that discord the unity of multi cultures in Burma, instigate the hatred against the other religion and antagonising among the citizen of Burma is breaching the rule of law.

Referring to the complaint, the journal has deliberately insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that clearly upsetting Burmese Muslim; also on 31st January 2014, issue No (7), the same journal published and article that insulting Islam. The Islamic organisations have already complained to President Thein Sein.

Spreading such pernicious ideology through a legally established journal is not only breaching the rule of law but also disharmonised the stability of the country. It is also directly jeopardising Democratic reforms that the country has already faced several anti Muslim violence incidences. Recently, Burmese authority has punished few media accusing them that breach the rule of law, however, the law rarely take any action against the hate speech.

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