Anti-Muslim sentiments arose again in Myanmar, Muslims feared

13rd,April 2015
Reported by Moe Wai

Wira thu

Wirathu preached hate speech targeting country’s Muslim minority at Lanmadaw Township ,Yangon On April 8th,2015

Myanmar Muslims’ fear of potential violence is increasing amid recent rises of ultra-nationalists’ anti-Muslim campaigns.

Including hate-monger monk Wirathu, Ma Ba Tha (ultra-nationalist anti-Muslims group) increased their hate-based activities across Yangon. U Pa Mauk Kha, a member of Yangon Ma Ba Tha interfered a homicide occurred in Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, a suburb of Yangon, early this month,

In that case, victims was a Buddhist and suspect who is charged by police is a Muslim. The suspect admitted killing his friend for not paying back his money. Both of them are ex- convicts. U Pa Muak Kha and his group tried to change this case as religious insulting and accused regional police of covering Muslims.

Hate-monger monk Wirathu also lobbied that kind of notion in his Facebook page and detailed one-sided version of that homicide citing unconfirmed source, despite official are still investigating the case.

In stoking hate speech, Wirathu included anti-Muslim sentiments in his sermon delivered in North-Dagon Township, a suburb of Yangon, on April 4th according to his Facebook page. On April 8th he also preached hate speech targeted country’s Muslim minority in Lanmadaw Township, Yangon’s downtown area, where the pulpit was intentionally placed in front of the Mosque.

In social media nationalist accounts and their followers are propagating anti-Muslim sentiments targeting Muslims and Mosques in Yangon. A group led by Nay Myo Wai, chairman of Yangon based Peace and Diversity Party, has been arranging rode-side shows across Yangon using vinyl pictures of brutal killings of terrorists and their attacks happened around the world. Although Muslims around globe, including Myanmar Muslims, strongly condemned those terrorism, that group are stoking that Muslims are doing terrorized acts due to their religious teachings and Buddhists in Myanmar must eliminate Islam. Nay Myo Wai, a so-called Politician, has been creating this road-side shows across the country and had also called his followers to kill Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Su Kyi in his Facebook page last year.

As previous violence targeted Muslims happened after that kind of incitements, Muslims fear potential violence during the coming traditional Thin Gyan water festival. In this festival, Myanmar’s longest holidays, it’s easy to recruit group or groups because most of the Buddhists people celebrate the festival on the streets.

From late 2012, Muslims in Myanmar, including Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state, suffered a lot of violent attacks across the country by the Buddhist thugs. In those planed attacks hundreds of Muslim lost their lives, number of Mosques and properties of Muslims set on fire, thousands of Muslims had been displaced and some people are still living in awful camps.

Photo Credit- Wira Thu’s FB

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