Some Myanmar’s Facebook users cheer Saudi Grand Mosque’s Crane Collapse

13th September,2015
Reported by Aung Thura


Anti-Muslim hate speech and rude comments spread significantly among the Facebook users in Myanmar following the reports of crane collapse in Mecca Grand Mosque.

Saudi officials announced at least 107 worshiper died and more than 200 people were wounded in Friday’s disaster caused by strong wind and heavy rain.

News Agencies in Myanmar also report the incident. Myanmar users in social media, especially in Facebook, expressed their happiness openly to that damage leaving a host of anti-Muslim sentiments in their comments.

In Facebook page of Eleven Media Group, one of the popular news agencies in Myanmar, one  user, Kyaw San Thwin, wrote ”Buddies. Don’t insult Allah. He give Blessings. But, he is not here now. He was also dead with that crane. So poor, beyond his blessings” and this comment got 139 Likes.

”This is the best news today. Just Human Rights workers may feel sorry ha… ha”, said another user Thet Phyo Swe; ,and Phillp Larm wrote ”That’s a good news. How blessed to hear it’!”

Some Myanmar users cheer the mishap via Facebook, wishing in their comments to happen again. But some citizens condemned those heartless comments and urged to be polite pointing out they are followers of Buddhism, religion of love, peace and mercy.

After emerging as a self-claimed democratic nation from decades of ruling by military junta, in Myanmar, some ultra-nationalist groups, including Buddhist monks, have been stoking anti-Muslim sentiments among the people. As a result, series of anti-Muslims attacks could be seen in recent years.

Muslims in Myanmar, who make up at least five percent of total 51 million population, have a long history of involvement in public life. But they have been facing the intensed marginalization due to continuous anti-Muslim campaigns.

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