Myanmar Muslims are facing the peculiar case of discrimination – claimed by a local Muslim leader

4th October,2015
Translated by Aung Thura


A Burmese Muslim religious leader, Khalifa Thein Win Aung asserted that the Muslims in Myanmar are being discriminated in either way of religion and race. U Thein Win Aung said these words at an event titled “The role of Myanmar Muslims in founding the Democratic Nation”, held in Yangon on 20th September, while he was criticizing the anti-discrimination acts of Myanmar.

This event was organized by ‘Social Alliance’ team with the objective of encouraging the Myanmar Muslims to participate in the establishment of the democracy and promoting the development of the country’s human resources.

“We are being discriminated in both ways of race and religion. Anti-racism laws have never been put into practice though they are assuredly described in Myanmar constitution. Unfortunately, even the cabinet ministers are practicing the bigotry. Democracy system is just in name but no practice. In Myanmar, what matter the most is not the race but the patriotism”, stated by U Thein Win Aung during his speech at the event.

Other speakers also pointed out that Myanmar Muslims have served well to the society with patriotism throughout the history and the current government has been trying to tarnish the facts.

U Thein Win Aung furthermore blamed the government for destroying the Lin Zin Gone cemetery in Amarapura township in Mandalay – where many Myanmar Muslim historical figures were laid to rest including U Pein who built the famous U Pein bridge. He urged the government to applause the dedications of Myanmar Muslims to their homeland.

In regard to the loyalty of Myanmar Muslims, Dr. Myint Thein, a renowned Muslim scholar pointed out that there were three Muslims among the seven heroes of the earliest kingdom of Myanmar known as Bagan and the facts prove that Myanmar Muslims were always on the front-line in every attempts of political liberations, especially in British colonial period.

He said, “We, Myanmar Muslims have never been the cahoots with the dictators for our own benefits. And Islam also teaches us the democratic values and does not command to harm the unity and diversity.”

NLD senior member and a lawyer, U Ko Ni mentioned that there was no discrimination in the history of Myanmar monarchy before colonialism and some Myanmar Kings used to turn up at the ceremony of laying foundation stones of the Mosques. Moreover, he pointed out the reason of the upsurge in hatred is the discrimination, carried out by the majority against the minority, which fortifies the segregation being practiced by both sides.

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