Ma Ba Tha’s intention tends to Theocracy

5th October,2015
Reported by Saw Khat Mon


Photo Credit- PAM OnlineMedia

Myanmar’s ultra-nationalist group, Ma Ba Tha organized national level celebration of achievement of pushing for protection of race and religious law on 4 October 2015 at Thuwana indoor national stadium in Yangon.

Some 100,00 of Ma Ba Tha Representatives from all over the country attended the event. In more than 300 townships across the country, Ma Ba Tha’s movement has been active in 260 townships and there are more than 20 million active supports so far, according to the group’s senior monk.

The controversial “protection of race and religious laws- Monogamy law, Buddhist women special marriage law and population control law were submitted to Parliament in November 2014 and signed by president on 31 August 2015. Chairman of the Ma Ba Tha, U Thilawkar Biwonsa explained the reasons behind the urgent need of this law that after investigating the causes of violence happened in Rakhine State and Meikthila between 2012 and 2013, it has been seen laws are not fair to just local Buddhists. He also believed this law will give sense of justice claiming that it will sustain peace and harmony of all different faiths in the country.

Moreover, he continued to explain that all other three major religions in the country – Christianity, Islam and Hinduism have their own respective religious laws to protect their faith but only Buddhism in the country lack of it. For that reason, he met president and personally requested to consider the issue before urging to propose that controversial law at the Parliament. President also convinced the law was necessary for the country, he said

However, local and international human right advocates have criticized these laws pointing out that it is targeting religious minorities. Ma Ba Tha has been assumed as ultra-nationalists and anti-Muslims group due to its member, such as U Wirathu, who has been inciting anti-Muslims hate speeches that lead to violence attacks against Muslim minority especially central parts of Myanmar.

At the end of the Sunday event, member pledged to work on further to enforce the laws. Sithagu Sayadaw, one of the most influential figures in religious and political fields also had his session of speech in that event and warned there are long way to go to achieve ideal status of Buddhism in the country. He said Islam is the only official religious in Iran and urged Burma should be like Iran to play Buddhism as major role in the country’s politic.

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