Myanmar Ulama gives a hand to their unfortunate citizens

7th December,2015
Reported by Aung Thura
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– Mandaly branch of Jamiat Ulama El-Islam, a leading Islamic scholar group in Myanmar, has provided emergency aid to displaced people who have fled from their homes during the recent conflicts in Shan State.

Arranged by Education and Social Welfare Committee from Mandaly Ulama, the aid – total worth of more than 20 million Kyats – has included medical supply, food, clothing, beds and other materials needed for displaced persons.


Although the Myanmar Muslim group had a plan to go conflict-ridden town of Kyay See in southern Shan State in order to fulfill the needs of vulnerable people as soon as possible, travel problems have
hampered their effort forcing them to leave their aid in Wayluwon Monastery and Nam Khone Shan Charity Association in Taunggyi, capital of Shan State.


Nam Knone Shan Charity Association has awarded a certificate of honour for their donation.

Chairman of the committee, Haji U Myint Thein, said that this charity activity came from donations of Muslims from Mandalay and across the country.

‘’There is a Hadith (teaching) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – Be kind the creature of the world and the kindness from Allah will be upon you – We followed what exactly he said’’, he explained the purpose of their effort.

In flood disaster that occurred across the country between June and July this year, Mandaly branch of Jamiat Ulama El-Islam played a major role in rehabilitation process sending emergency aid for the affected people in Upper Myanmar region including Magway and Sagaing Divisons.

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