Mosque and properties under mob attacks in Thuyethamain Village, Waw

23rd Jun 2016
Reported by Waw CJ


On 23rd Jun afternoon, starting from a quarrel led to mob attack on Muslims’ properties, a mosque and a primary religious school in Thuyethamain Village, Waw Township, Bago Region. As a result, all local Muslims fled from their houses. They scattered apart and sought for refuge.

Exits and ways to nearby villages have been blocked and hence, their lives have been threatened. No updates on casualties yet.

There are estimated about 500 households in that village. Among them, 40 to 50 are Muslims’.

Anti-Muslim netizens are spreading rumors on social media that a monk was shot by catapult which has led to the breakout.

Bago Regional Security and Border Affairs Minister Colonel Khin Muang Htay arrived at the scene. It is reported that Regional Chief Minister U Win Thein kept promise to take effective action on that violence and has a plan to come to the place.

It is observed that pictures of the attacks have been removed by initial uploaders. They also deactivated their Facebook accounts.

The updated information of the situation will be reported accordingly.



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