Myanmar prominent Buddhist Monk cheers Israeli violations over Palestinians

September 29th,2016
Reported by Aung Thura
Myanmar’s prominent Buddhist abbot uttered his inspiration of Israeli rights violations against Palestinian people before indirectly admitting those persecutions are happening in the country.
“Muslim Palestinians and other Arabs are being fenced in a place surrounded with wires like pigs and bulls by Israel. Anyone dare to point out human rights with this situation?” Sidagu Sayardaw said in his recent preach.
The video of the speech was proudly posted on Facebook page supposed to be controlled by radical nationalist group Ma Ba Tha.
The abbot also acknowledged indirectly those violations are being practiced in the country by saying ‘(that happened) In our country, the whole world shout loud noisily’.
Protesting and denouncing from international community over Israeli occupations of Palestinian land, torturing and rights violations against Palestinian people have been widely seen in the media.

In Myanmar, some Buddhist monks play a major role in spreading hate speech against Muslim citizens and Islamic faith through their religious sermons and speeches. As a result of those racist activities, several anti-Muslim attacks have been widely seen across the country since 2012 leaving scores of death.

In his one speech, regarding Rakhine anti-Muslim violence broke out in 2012, Sidagu Sayardaw mocked the loss of the lives of Rohingya Muslims during the conflict.

“Just hundred or two hundreds were killed. Who say that is Genocide? Many people are out there, ha, ha.”

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