Issuing NRC to Muslim woman leads a protest in Rakhine State

February 14th, 2017

– Ethnic Rakhine Buddhists staged a rally in Rakhine State capital Sittwe to oppose a local immigration official who issued National Registration Card (NRC) to Muslim woman.

February 13th rally with hundreds of participants aimed to urge government to take proper action over Rakhine State immigration Chief Officer Win Lwin, who was accused of violating Myanmar’s 1982 citizenship law in issuing NRC card to a Muslim woman, Mya Nandar Khin from Buthidaung Towship of Northern part of the State.

According to the protesters version, parents of Mya Nandar Khin are not Myanmar citizens and Win Lwin did not obey the regulations of citizenship Law.

Most of the Muslims in Rakhine State, identifying themselves as Rohingy, have been denied Myanmar citizenship even though they have been living here many generations.

Ethnic Rakine Buddhists often protested against issuing NRC cards to Rohingya Muslim minority.
Myanmar’s 1982 citizenship law was enacted in the time of Socialist Regime led by notorious former military chief Nay Win.

Local and international experts, politicians and rights groups have strongly criticized the law noting it is clearly violated international norms and human rights declaration.

Former generals and ultra-nationalists are solid supporters of 1982 citizenship law dubbed as ‘blood-based law’ one can never see any other part of the world.

Photo Credit – DVB

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