Myanmar Extremist Monk compares hate-based homicide with Buddha’s effort

Marth 6th, 2017

– Myanmar’s notorious Buddhist extremist monk Wira Thu compared suspects identified in the assassination of prominent Muslim lawyer with Lord Buddha as a second time in two weeks taking social media to hail country most heinous hate crime.

“Do they bear in mind Lord Buddha’s effort….
It’s like a master could avoid contravening of rules because of a pupil fulfils his wish – I am really grateful to four companions who – no contact with me – sacrifice themselves to save Mother Land from grate danger that are coming near future by arranging a plan that is too far to catch for Buddhist Monks. I will always respect to Kyi Lin, Aung Win Zaw, Aung Win Khine and Zayar Phyo for what they sacrifice by bearing in mind Lord Buddha’s effort.”, radical monk Wira Thu posted on his Facebook timeline on March 6th.

On January 29th, U Ko Ni, a legal adviser of ruling NLD party, was assassinated by a gun man just outside the Yangon International Airport.

Gunman Kyi Lin, two suspects (Aung Win Zaw and Zayar Phyo) have been detained in connection with the crime. Another suspect, Aung Win Khing, is on the run. All of them are former military officers,
In a press conference on February 25th, police admitted that motive of the crime could be extreme nationalism.

In recent years, U Ko Ni – a Muslim and an activist of amending and replacing military-backed 2008 constitution – has been targeted by nationalist organizations and Buddhist extremists including Wira Thu.

On February 26th, Wira Thu thanked those suspects and compared the assassination with a Buddhist tale.

Kyi Lin and Aung Win Khine were freed by former president U Thein Sein’s amnesty after they were jailed for smuggling ancient Buddha statutes.

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