Myanmar’s anti-Muslim No-1 Wirathu bravely insults Islam and its Prophet

13th, June 2017

Wirathu is using YouTube channel as an alternative way of spreading anti-Muslim hate speech after his Facebook accounts were blocked.

– Infamous Buddhist monk of Myanmar, Wirathu, insulted Islam and its Prophet in his YouTube video, the latest effort seems to escalate his anti-Muslim campaign in the country.

The video uploaded in the name of ‘Defense against Jihadism (2)’ on Jun 10th, Wirathu accused Muslim holy book of Quran encourage its follower to destroy holy statues and images of other faiths highlighting the acts of some Islamist militants in Philipines and Afghanistan.

“Quran itself encourages terrorism and it is clearly show that Islam was established by terror”, he said.

He also insulted prophet Muhammed.

“Quran states that Muhammed himself set up Islam on violence.”

Although Myanmar has enacted religious defamation law, it apparently seems to placate country’s Buddhist majority.

In the past, Wirathu has repeatedly used his speech to attack Muslims citizens and Islam.

In early March, the country’s highest religious authority has banned his sermons for one year with the aim of preventing from spreading hate speech.

Wirathu and his followers have been trying to shape Islam as a threat to Buddhism in recent years exploiting the acts of global Islamist militants.

Since 2012, dozens of Mosques, hundreds of Muslims homes and Muslim owned businesses have been destroyed and burnt down across the country in the anti-Muslim violence by Buddhist nationalist while several Muslims were killed and thousands were displaced.

Ref : Youtube page of Wirathu

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