Nationalist barbarism rises in Myanmar

2nd, February 2018

T-shirt that reads “Eat your fill (before we kill you)

– So-called nationalists, some of them wearing T-shirt that reads “Eat your fill (before we kill you)”, show their support for criminal suspects believed to be involved in assassination of ruling NLD party’s lawyer U Ko Ni in today court hearing.

In Myanmar society, the saying “Eat your fill (before we kill you)” is widely seen as death threat mostly used by criminals against someone.

U Ko Ni, a Muslim lawyer, was assassinated by gunman Kyi Lin at Yangon International Airport on January 29th last year after arriving from Indonesia with government officials.

His killing was cheered by nationalists including notorious Buddhist monk Wira Thu.

Many nationalists in Myanmar are describing Muslims as threat to the state even though Myanmar people have been persecuted and resources have been exploited by their fellow Bamar Buddhists generals and cronies for decades.

supporter of gunman Kyi Lin

supporter of gunman Kyi Lin

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