Time to Justice for racial abuses

The Quran requires a Muslim to obey and be loyal to those in his charge. Prophet Muhammad (sa) added “You should listen to and obey your ruler, even if you [despise him].” While national loyalty does not forbid dissent, that dissent must be expressed legally and peacefully — never violently.

So, we abide by this teaching of Islam. Now, let us express this news which is spreading like a jungle fire especially on social media. Contrary to true Democratic values, the so called Myanmar leading media remains silence still even there was a violent attack which had claimed innocent Muslim lives.

According to one of the leading medias in Myanmar, The Voice Weekly’s facebook page, it is confirmed that 10 innocent Muslim had been brutally killed by some Rakhines on the Than Dwe-Yangon highway road. On Sunday afternoon 5pm, the victims had been pulled off from the Yoma Thitsa express and killed, reported by the voice weekly.

On May 28, in Kyaut Ni Maw Village, Yan Byee, there was also a rape incident against a teenager accusingly committed by 3 Muslims. The voice weekly furthermore explained that might be the reason behind this. They, the angry mob did it as a revenge. And details is yet to be published by the voice weekly.

We can find some other news reported on b-m-a.org captioned as “10 Burmese Muslims has been killed by Rakhines while religious-oriented journey”. b-m-a activities listed down the name of each victims which are as follows:10muslims


It claims that those Muslims are from Tachan Pai Mosque located in Yangon visited to Than Dwe for their religious-oriented purpose. And on their way back to Yangon from Than Dwe Mosque on 3rd June, 30 Rhakhine Buddhists killed them with knives at Taung Goute, a town situated on the way. The license plate of the express which had carried the victims is 7 (Ga) 7868 and it was also burnt. The other 5 Muslims escaped.The corpses were buried in Than Dwe on 3rd June evening. The victims are ten in total and 2 out of this are from Than Dwe township located in Rakhine State. 6 are from Taung Twin Gyi and other 2 are from Myaung Mya. The Rakhines are putting the life-threatening to the Muslims from other towns of Rakhine state too.

This news is also mentioned on thithtoolwin.com, one recent popular media in Myanmar. Since in the 3rd June morning, there was some pamphlet and photos distributed in the market of Kyaut Ni Maw Village regarding the sex assault happened a week ago. So, the Rakine locals were getting angrier and did not hesitate to attack the express which carries some Muslim passengers, said by a local. He added, “While the mob tried to stop the vehicle, the motorist notice that and tried to turn the vehicle back. But failed to do so as the vehicle was blocked by other two vehicles of the angry mob.”

One Muslim writer on http://www.m-mediagroup.com  criticized that the incident happened today of killing 8 or 10 innocent solely based on the news of the past rape victim which is unnecessarily expressed in the manner of putting match into the gas tank and did not foresee well of the consequences.

Additionally, reported by thithtoolwin.com, one local from Taung Gote said, “We should notice that racial violence out of this kind of incident can lead a wrong way while our country is heading towards the change.”

We think that the solution delves deeper for the authorities. As they are beating around the bush of millions of tons of racial abuse against Myanmar Muslims on social medias, people who brings hatred towards “Kalas”, a derogatory term used against Myanmar Muslims, have space to misrepresent or interpolate or putting personnel feelings to some local news, which certainly lead to this kind of brutal man-slaughtering attack. Our rule is “The dissent must be expressed legally and peacefully — never violently.” Hence, again We vehemently cry for justice.

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