GI bus group denied the accusation of blasphemy; Driver who put sticker on bus is a Buddhist

5th April-2014
Reported by KK

GI bus group denied the accusation that the poster on one of their buses was insulting a particular religion.

GI BusPhoto – Nay Myo Wai, an ultra-nationalist and chairman of an officially registered political party, instigates on his facebook wall “By the word “Gaw Ta Man”, they want to insult “Gaw Ta Ma” (Buddha). If you can’t report them, just burn down. Don’t be afraid!”

The chairman of GI bus group said that the poster was not put up by them rather the driver of that particular bus did it. What is on the poster was “If someone can fool others, he/she is intelligent. If someone can trick, he/she will get concentration. If someone don’t know anything, he/she is Gaw Ta Man.” Gaw Ta Min meant elders or authorities in Sanskrit, said the chairman of the bus group.

He explained, “Yes, we heard that there are a lot of rumors spreading on social media. The poster was put up by the driver of that bus and not by the bus group as they said. The driver said the word “Gaw Ta Man” referred to elders or authorities. He himself is a Buddhist. We have not done anything to clarify these rumors. However we removed the poster to reduce the tension.”

Regarding this event, U Nay Myo Wai, chairman of Diversity and Peace Party, an officially registered political party, urged the public to react in violence acts on his social media page.

Although ultranationalists, including U Nay Myo Wai, have been using social media network to instigate hatred and promote Islamophobic hate crimes, the authorities have not taken any legal action yet.

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