Government abetted publications insult Islam and Prophet in Burma

22nd October,2014
Reported by – Zarni

BURMESE AUTHORITY still giving sanctuary to Series of insults on Islam and Prophet Mohammad  by local weekly news journals  of Burma in the third week of October explodes anger of Muslim community in that South East Asian country.

The local news journal named Aung Jeyatu is officially licensed by the Press Scrutiny Board under the Ministry of Information had been reiteratedly blasting to monotheistic religions on their pages and the government still neglecting intentional provocations.

Two misinformed articles of Aung Jeyatu’s latest publication (No.44 , October 17) and “Tharki Thwe” used strongly abusive terms to Prophet Mohammad and Islam made sick millions of Muslims’ hearts in Burma. The articles ” Introduction to a fanatism” by U Aung (Mauritius) and ” Destructions of Buddhist legacy by Islamic conquests” by Ashin Munita used full of boorish words and deceitful information.

Publications of “Aung Jeyatu” and “Tharki Thwe” were registered as Buddhist religious journals under the Press Scrunity Board but they have just focused offensive on Islam since their first publications. U Myint Soe, Pen-name “Maung Thwe Chun”, is managing both publications.

Burmese regime  accuses persecuted local Muslim community of involving terrorism and had some plots of arrest over Muslims in the recent weeks.

“Most of Burmese Muslims are appraising these articles seem to exasperate Muslims’ anger and create set-up uprising so they can take advantage on the situation transforming Muslims as extremists” a journalist in Malaysia commented. “But most of us want a lawfully peaceful solution”, he added.

Although some are speculating press freedom in so-called reformist Burma, Ministry of Information’s Press Scrutiny Board(PSB) is strictly controlling all local publications. For weekly journals like Aung Jeyatu and Tharki Thwe have obligatory to send each copy to the PSB office on the day they issued.

Press Scrutiny Board under Thein Sein regime again and again neglecting such kind of targeted insults on Islam and Prophet Muhammad although they have officially notified  publishers not to print religiously adversarial articles in their publications.

Local Muslim community is speculating that Thein Sein government intentionally is allowing targeted incitements on Islam and spreading religious hatreds among the population to create chaos. “Myanmar will be shameful and disgraceful among international community if the government is fail to make an effective prevent on such acts”, a senior journalist commented M-Media.

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