Iman in Than Twe Arrested, Arakan Commission Member Expelled

November 1, 2012

Local authority arrested Iman Wahid of Jamah mosque in Sittwe on November 1. Iman Wahid is also the chairman of Olama Islamic Theologians’ Organization of Than Twe.

Tin Aung, an executive of the mosque was arrested as well on the basis of possessing two swords.

The arrests follow the government’s announcement on October 31 to have people in Arakan state submit their weapons to nearest police stations within three days. Iman Wahid and Tin Aung were arrested before the due date.
In Yangon, there is news spreading that Haji Tin Maung Than, a representative of Islamic Affairs Council to the government-back

ed Arakan Conflict Inquiry Commission, has allegedly been Expelled from the commission for suggesting that the Arakan state premier and security affair minister Colonel Htine Lin resign.
Tin Maung Than neither confirm nor reject the news, according to Myanmar Muslim Net ( <>).
On October 31, the President office also announced to arrest and prosecute those who mastermind the conflict in Arakan state. Instead of arresting perpetrators, the government is targeting Muslim leaders and trying to charge Muslims with various accusations, a political analyst commented.
There are anti-Muslim campaigners who are openly distributing anti-Muslim leaflets, giving speeches and mobilizing people for violence. They range from monks and township level official to the chairperson of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, Dr. Aye Maung, and Rakhine leaders who call for segregation of Rohingyas and Rakhines and the expulsion of Rohingyas from Arakan state.

The government has not taken any measure against their activities.


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