In Mandalay Muslims’ properties are destroyed after spreading a piece of made-up hatred news

1st July 2014
Reported by Thuta

A piece of racial and religious hatred news blogged in the news blog established by Ko Di, currently residing in US, triggered mob violence in Mandalay City, Myanmar, this night.
On 30th Jun, Thit Htoo Lwin Blog wrote a piece of news with the title of “ Sun Teashop owners, two Muslim brothers, raped a Buddhist maid”. Then, at round about 8 PM today, one mob came to Sun Teashop situated at the corner of 27th Road and 82nd Road, shouting to attack the shop. As a result, people nearby came to that place to become a crowd.

Actually, the news written in the news blog was false and intentionally jeopardized to trigger a sectarian unrest.


U Wirathu, the leader of 969 Radical Buddhist Group, also shared this wrong news at his Facebook page as well as mentioned other related news that might lead to unrest.

At 11 PM, the crowd around 26th Road became 300 in number and some sang national anthem (which was used to sing by extremists in most of the mob attacks against Myanmar Muslims happened countrywide) loudly. Afterwards, most of Muslims’ shops located in 26th B Road and from the corner of 83rd Road to 84th Road were destroyed at about 11:30 PM. ‘Baho’ pipe shop , ‘Khin Maung Gyi Khin Maung Lay’ machine shop, ‘Myathitsar’ car machine shop and some Muslims’ properties were attacked. Also, the fronts of other Muslims’ shops were destroyed.


It was reported that mob members were with motorbikes and the number of bikes round about 20 to 25. They stoned Muslims’ shops and destroyed parked Muslims’ cars. It was also reported that although police force were deployed, they only watch the mob attack and took no action.

Figure 1 Ko Di, a US resident and founder of Thit Htoo Lwin Blog from which false news is spread

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Figure 2 The false news shared by U Wirathu, the leader of 969 Radical Buddhist Group,
Figure 3 A crowd nearby Sun Teashop where a mob violence happend


  1. Headway Tutor says:

    Rescue Myanmar Muslim Genocide

  2. Should contact to U.S embassy if Ko Di is behind this violence. U.S do not want this kind of person on U.S soil. His residency status will be revoked.

  3. abdus samad says:

    Makes my blood boil reading something like this! Muslims are the new 21st century scapegoat

  4. Thin Set says:

    We need to find out who’s behind that kind of consiracy. We need peace in all local communities.

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