Silent-Screaming Wish for Rohingyas (Poem)

3rd November 2012


Writer- Eain Way Thu

  • White rose, Black rose, Pink rose,…,

Nobody blame for the colour

Rose is just rose

Still be rose…!!!


  • White hair, black hair, red hair,…,

No one shame for the colour

Hair is just hair

Still be hair…!!!


  • Same country, same land, same food,…,

Except the culture and believe

Human beings are just human beings

Then why they can’t stand as human beings…!!!


  • We all descended from Adam and Eve,

Then why we can’t be your brothers and even as friends?

Oh Lord, give us a space to sleep our children peacefully,

Oh world, please wake up by a suffering mother scream…!!!


  • Oh Lord, Let me blind to see an innocent child deserve to die

Oh Lord, don’t let me see a mother crying on her dead child

“May the Rohingya people live in peace”

That is all I want to wish in every single minute…!!!





  1. I wish youall to have that you want
    everyday.I am so sad.

  2. I wish youall to have allthings that you want everyday.I’m so sad.

  3. Smar Nyi Nyi says:

    Love and only love. That I want to appeal to all those. Love, parreled with understanding and consideration. But, love.

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