Rakhine Terrorists attacked and killed the Muslims in Kyauktaw

August 5, 2012


On the 5th August 2012 at about afternoon, Rakhine Buddhist Terrorists started to attack and burn the Shufi Taung village, Apokewa village and Shwe Hlaing Village in Kyauktaw Township. And they cruelly assaulted and killed one resident from Pike Thae village with machetes.

Just a few days before the attack, Khwe (Aye) Maung’s party members came and ordered the Rakhine Buddhists to burn those Kalar (Muslim) villages and threatened to take action if they failed to do so. Myanmarmuslim.net is informed by a Rakhine Muslim who got the message from a Rakhine-Bama friend.

Dr. Aye Maung, Chairman of RNDP Party which used to suppress and terrorized the Rohingya (aka) Rakhine Muslims is given a nickname, “Khwe (Aye) Maung” by the suppressed victim Rohingyas.

This burning of the Muslim villages yesterday had happened after Rakhine National Development Party’s Kyauktaw entourage.

Because of that arson attack, almost all the Muslim houses in Shufi Taung village, Apokewa village and Shwe Hlaing Village in Kyauktaw Township are destroyed. We got the reports that the Masjids in those villages were also destroyed by the Rakhine Buddhist Terrorists.

Locals reported that they could not give detailed list of damages and causality because the authorities strictly condone off the effected villages.
There were roughly about 150-200 houses in Shufi Taung village, 1000 houses in Apokewa village and 250-300 houses in Shwe Hlaing Village and almost all the houses were burnt down by the Rakhine Buddhists. There are a lot of causalities in those burnt and damaged villages but it is difficult to get confirmation of the exact number of death and injured because of the authorities who arrived only after the terrorizing incident.

Rakhine Buddhist Terrorists with machetes chased two villagers from Pike Thae at 5.45 PM yesterday. One of them managed to escape but 30 year old U Elias son of Abdul Malik was cruelly killed.

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