Terrorized Muslims in Kyauk Taw are in very serious contidion

August 6, 2012
Kyauk Taw residences said Rakhine Buddhists keep torching Muslim villages, not allowing injured muslims to be hospitalized and not providing any aids to muslims whose houses have been destroyed so that muslims in Kyauk Taw are really in serious situation.
” Today 120 Muslims’ houses were torched by Rakhine Buddhists around noon. After that one mosque and one Arabic language school were torched.” said a residence of Kyauk Taw. Moreover, muslims ( from Shwe Haling and A Pauk villages) whose houses were burnt yesterday didn’t get any aids from authorities. So those refugees are living with their relatives in Auk Pike The village.
Injured muslims are not allowed to be hospitalized and are cured by some registered muslim nurses in Auk Pike The village. The body of U Eliyahs , who was killed by Rakhine Buddhists yesterday, was found near Kisapanadi Bridge.
Furthermore local media mentioned the news that muslims torched their own houses instead of mentioning Rakhine buddhists torched Muslims’ houses which is the truth.

Source: Myanmar Muslim Net

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