Sequels to lawless attack on Kyauk Phyu Mosque by Rakhine terrorists

October 23, 2012
Reporting by Htun Tauk

Kyauk Phyu Township

In Kyauk Phyu Township, Rakhine State, after burning down the West Ward Mosque by Rakhine terrorists last night, the authority
falsely arrested a young Muslim who was assigned as a guard for that mosque for this fire-raising. The authority accused him of this arson instead of catching true Rakhine terrorists who committed this. Now about 300 Rakhines coming from other townships are mobbing in Kyauk Phyu. Though military forces have covered the township, they cannot control the riot.

“Rakhine terrorist declared their plan to destroy Muslims’ houses by fire. The army forbade their plan. But they replied the army that they would not certainly obey the army’s command and surely burn down the Muslims’ properties. And they also challenged the army that the only way to stop their activity is shooting to kill them. Now, 7 trucks of soldiers are securing the township. Last night, while burning down the mosque in the West Ward, a car drove violently across the East Pipesite Ward with high speed up to three times. At the third time, the local people were shocked and so drove away. During this arson, another Rakhine terrorist groups from Sapyin Kwinn Village which is only separated from the West Ward by an old dried fish farm tried to involve in the attack on the West Ward. That’s why police force had to stop them. And an honest Rakhine secretly informed that terrorist groups would offend another attacks on Muslims at noon. So, we are now distressing,” a Kyauk Phyu resident worriedly said to M-Media.

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