Three Ferries Carrying Muslim Refugees Were Attacked in Arakan: Many Died

October 24, 2012
Reporting by Htun Taut

Pak Taw Township at 11: 30 PM

Muslim refugees fleeing riots in Kyaut Phyu were killed by Rakhines in Taung Phuu village, Paw Taw township.

On 24 October, Muslim refugees were escaping the riot in three engine-less ferries pulled by an engined-one. Rakhines followed them by a boat and hit the engined ferry, cutting the ropes connecting the ferries. As the ferries and the refugees started floating in the water, Rakhines attacked and chopped them with swords. Many people were killed. A majority of victims were women.

A 10 year old child landed on a river bank in Pak Taw. He was taken to a local police station “for investigation”, a resident from Paw Taw told M-Media.

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