The Islamic School of Theism at Makehtilar was ordered to close down. Would be sued if not.

5th,November 2012
News by Htun Tauk,


The Islamic School of Theism at Makehtilar, Pyithayar ward was ordered to close down and remove the signboard by municipal. It was 10 days prior; the school trustee received the notice letters from both municipal and directorate of religious affairs.

The school trustee and 150 parents sent a reply letter stating that the school was established since 20 years ago. But directorate of religious affairs, municipal and district governor came and ordered to remove the signboard.

Tomorrow, district governor sent for school trustee members to the office and the trustee learn that they will be sued.

They used to get notice letters every 3 to 6 months before but this is the first time they were told to be sued.

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