Planning to cover up about the Religious Problems that happened in Myanmar from US President Mr. Obama

15th November 2012

News Source: MyanmarMuslim.Net

Re-elected US President Mr. Obama is coming soon to Myanmar as a historical event. Once arrived, he will discuss with the relevant authorities on various topics and issues.
Myanmar observers predicted that amongst those topics, the internationally hot news regarding the crimes related to the religious discriminations, would be definitely asked to the authorities.

There was a special meeting with some civilians during the previous historical visit of the Secretary of State. Because of the International Pressure on Religious Discriminations and Persecutions, Human Rights Investigator Mr. Ojea Quintana had made an investigation field trip during the time when the President U Thein Sein was serving as the General under the Military Rule.

During his Rakhine field trips, U Thein Sein’s military government arranged their trusted crony Muslims only, to accompany Mr. Ojea Quintana and fed their version of fake propaganda news and evidences to deceive the international community.

At present, to answer Mr. Obama’s possible questions, Religious Affairs Minister, U Myint Oo, who is the Head of the Office of the Religious Affairs and the relevant officers secretly selected a group of 6 to 8 Muslims for the meeting at Myat Thingaha Hotel.
Myanmar Government Advisor/Retired Ambassador U Hla Maung, and Haji U Than Maung are in that group and MMM is trying to find out other members in that group.

Those people were sent from Yangon with the special flight to Naypyidaw and are staying and coached at the Myat Thingaha Hotel.

Those people could not represent the Muslims in Myanmar in anyway. Myanmar Muslim Activist staying abroad told MMM that he was surprised and shocked as they are not even the members of six top Islamic Organizations in Myanmar.
One person from the government said that they have to arrange this because Muslim Organizations failed to respond to their requests. When we asked about this to an Islamic Organization, they revealed that they were called even without telling the purpose or subject and when questioned back, refused to answer anything but was just told that they could reveal only when they arrived Naypyidaw.

Not long ago, the boycott of Qurban Sacrifice during the Eid by all the Muslims of Myanmar was led by the Islamic Organizations. All the authorities including the President was dissatisfied and used various methods to pressure the Muslims to withdraw the boycott but failed.

Since then, active Muslim leaders were frequently called in for investigations, disturbed their business, threatened by using Psychological warfare and at last, two most active members of the Presidential Investigation Commission for Rakhine Riots were dispelled using lame excuses.

International and Myanmar Muslim Organizations are trying to find out who were those fake Muslim representatives planning to meet Mr. Obama. According to the unconfirmed news, Mr. Obama’s trip organizers, planners and authorities have already known about this problem.


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