Gan႔avãcaka Buddhist Monk Network: an Anti-Islamic Movement in Mon State, Myanmar


On Abhidhammã Day, 30th Oct 2012, an introductory ceremony of “Gan႔avãcaka Monk Network” was celebrated at Mya Zaydi Nan Oo Monastery in Moattama Township, Mon State. M-Media is reported that Buddhist cleric Ashin Saddhamma who is the principal of the monastery led this occasion to deliver anti-Islamic speeches.

M-Media also learned that the network is now distributing anti-Islamic leaflets openly and organizing people to undertake anti-Islamic activities.

Anti-Islamic movement Leader Ashin Saddhamma from Mya Zaydi Nan Oo Monastery in Moattama

There he gave Islamophobic speech to the audience, “Do you know what Muslims are calling from their Mosques? And they also stick the meaning of their shout in mosque compounds. I’m narrating you this meaning. It  is that Oh God Allah, may you crash all followers of other religions apart from Islam, break down their organizations, beat their foundations, invert their villages and towns and make them not to recover at all. I’m telling you with strong evidence and so no Muslim can deny what I tell you….”


Ashin Wimalaabiwontha from Mahar Mying Monastery delevering anti-Islamic speech

“Summation of Islamic 786 is 21. It means Islam will occupy the whole world in 21st century. Of course, they are too malicious and it is the word to destroy our religion, Buddhism.”


U Watezarnanda from Mya Zaydi Ye Kyaung Monastery giving a Islamophobic public talk

“Untruth (Adhamavãdî in Pãli) (i.e He thinks Islam is untruth) must be fought for the influence of truth (Dhamavãdî). Fighting untruth, we may reach to abodes of sinners (including Hell). But we must be against untruth whether we reach these abodes.” (this part of his speech is a very strong evidence that they would use inhumane methods to fight Islam and Muslims.)


Ashin Gandhathara ( Mya Zaydi – Religious Lecturer) from Mawlamying, the capital of Mon State


He falsely insulted Islam and Muslims too, “I visited Tha Hton which was the very first centre of (Theravada) Buddhism (in Myanmar). However, now there are too many guys with heavy beard there and this is not good for us. How do we solve the problem in case they flee after burning their own houses?”

It is learned that this monk network is now leading a camping of sticking stickers on which Symbol Number 969 is printed on Buddhists’ cars and shops in Mon State. A local resident reported that this network is organizing youths to train them for anti-Islamic activity including the methods how to buy goods only in these shops and to cleanse Islam from the state gradually.

M-Media learned that the main leader of this anti-Islamic movement is Ashin Saddhamma, a Buddhist monk from Mya Zaydi Nan Oo Monastery in Moattama. He is undoubtedly an Islamic phobic and also a very close pupil of Wirathu, a Buddhist monk from Masoeyein Monastery in Mandalay, who is too notorious for his anti-Islamic movements.

A Myanmar Muslim social activist shared his opinion on this movement to M-Media, “Their accusing on Islam and Muslims are groundless. And their movement only based on misunderstanding, rumors, hate and extremism. We all know a caller from a Mosque is just reminding Muslims in Arabic language to come to the mosque to observe congregated compulsory prayer five times a day and during prayer we recite Quranic Verses and end our prayer wishing for all creatures to  be peaceful. Then, the real meaning of 786 is just symbolic version of “In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. I’m surprised why they are wasting their effort, time and money for unreasonable Islamophobic issue without knowing even one true and authentic teaching of Islam. Before starting to organize such kind of movement, they should firstly try to know the reality of Islam, reading Quran which is easily available in both Myanmar and English. And I take really pity on the organizer monks and their followers because they should devote their lives and wealth for community development, our people’s important and urgent need, and to propagate Buddha’s teaching which is actually love and patience.”


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