A Muslim village in Karen State at the risk of being attacked

24th,November. 2012
Nay Thit Htun

The mosque and its surrounding in Moe Naing Taung Village (formerly known as Ali Mullah) where majority are Muslims have been guarded by police force because of the spread of rumours that it would be attacked on 23th Nov. The village is situated in Paing Kyun Sub-township, Hlaing Bwe, Kayin State.

“The news that the village would be destroyed after Paing Kyun’s Ka Htain festival (robe offering ceremony at the eighth month of Myanmar Calendar and is celebrated around the country) was emerged about on 20th. The festival has been now over and so we’re worrying for this attack. But now policemen are arriving,” a local resident said.

These series of anti-Islamic movement have occurred in Paing Kyun after anti-Islamic statement announced by Maetaung Monastery in Hpa-An.

“After the announcement from Hpa-An, it is instigated here to boycott Muslims. And nearly one month ago, the video of Arkan Riot was showed at the village. A video record in which Muslims fought Mogs,” a Paing Kyun dweller said.

It is learned that this activity is led by both a Buddhist monk and a village administer from Paing Kyun Sub-township, organizing some villagers.

In Kayin State, Arakan Riot has been intentionally propagated as a religious conflict, intending to trigger a catalogue of religious riots.

There are three mosques and about 300 Muslim households in three villages namely Moe Naing Upper Group, Moe Naing Taung and Moe Naing Lower Group of Paing Kyun Sub-township. Local Muslim residents earn from farming and selling.

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