Order to closely supervise no Muslims on Thantwe-Yangon Bus line

November 23,2013

District Administration Office and Township Ma-Hta-Tha (Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles) have given instruction to closely supervise Muslims not to be allowed travelling by Thantwe-Yangon Highway Bus Line.

Township Ma-Hta-Tha proceeded that order issued by the District Administrator on 24th Oct to inform highway bus lines on 16th Nov.

“Travelling by airline costs three to five times more than bus fare”, a local people said.

Bus fare from Thantwe to Yangon is Kyat (Myanmar Currency) 12 000 whereas air ticket fees of Myanmar Airway is Kyat 48 000 and Kyat 75 000 for private airlines.

“Actually, if going by bus is not safe, authorities should arrange for security”, other local resident said.

In those orders no specific reasons are given and it is only mentioned to follow those until further notices.

District Administrator’s Order

District General Administration Office
Thantwe District-Thantwe Township
Official Letter No. 3/32-4/Oo 6
Date- 24th Oct 2012
Township Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles
Thantwe Township

Subject: Closely supervision on buses

It is informed to strictly supervise no Muslims are allowed to take Thantwe-Taung Goke-Yangon and Thantwe-Gwa-Yangon highway and passenger buses leaving from Thantwe. It is valid until further instruction.

District Administrator
(U Tun Wai- Pa/5372)
Office copy

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