No permission for Muslim University Students to take exam in Swittwe University

Dec 6,2012
Htoon Tauk

It is learned that no Muslim Students from Swittwe University were allowed to take the exam.  Many missed the exam as they were allowed only one day to sit the exam not at the university but at Thekkalpyin Village Primary School without advance notice.

Making inquires about this news, it is also learned that for the students who did not get the permission to sit the exam at the university, the exam is arranged at the primary school near the military engineer squad compound on Dec 2nd .

On Dec 2nd, without advance notice, the authorities unexpectedly arrived and gave an order to call for students to take the exam immediately and thus only half out of 75 students got the chance to sit the exam.  Although the rest came to sit the exam on coming days, they were not allowed to do. A local resident reported to M-Media that most of the Muslim students missed the exam because of asking to take exam without prior announcement.

The students who got the permission were taking the exam until today(Dec 6th) since the total day for the exam was 7 days.

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