Muslim Houses and Shops Being Destroyed at Kyopinkauk in Pegu Division

March 26, 2013
Tun Tauk

It has been reported that houses and shops owned by Muslims have been destroyed since 11:30 pm on 25 March 26, 2013.

A mob has been destroying three houses and shops from the market.

“They have destroyed three Muslim houses, and Muslim shops from the market. Now they are attacking the mosque. I can still hear their voice and sound there. I am now hiding at a Buddhist’s house. There is only one mosque in Kyopinkauk, and the religious school is also there in the Mosque. There are about 150 Muslim houses, and the Muslim population is approximately 400” said a Muslim local resident to M-Media.

We have heard the news since afternoon, 3 pm, that there would be a raid tonight, and they would just destroy but not set on fire. We were told that a mob of about 60 people was formed in Htangone, and they were marching to us. Some in the mob are strangers, but some are the locals. I have to be hiding now, have fled from my home.” He said.

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