Violent Attack and Robbery to Muslims’ Homes and Mosques in Nattalin Township, Pago Division

March 27,2013


M-Media has already reported that Muslims’ Homes and Mosques in Nattalin Towship, Pago Division were attacked violently last night.

The Buddhist terrorist group named “969” started the destruction of a mosque, an Islamic Religious School and Muslims’ shops including a rice mill at Tarpun street, a travel express bus station “Asia ”, an electronic shop, an audio speaker shop, an ice mill, a warehouse, two home shops, two poultry shops, and a retired police’s home in Nattalin at about 11 pm last night (On March26). They attacked even a police’s home because the retired police is a Muslim. They were armed with rod, sword, hammer, an automatic portable saw, slingshot and other weapons. Their faces were covered.

M-Media will update the situation in Nattalin.

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