Muslims houses in Minhla getting destroyed by the thugs

March 27, 2013

Minhal Pago

It has been reported that Muslim houses in Minhla, Pegu (Pago) Division, are being attacked and destroyed since 2:30pm.

“A mob with about 30 motorbikes raided Sit Kwin and they have been destroying properties since in the morning. Minhla has been on red alert, too. Police and soldiers are following the activists. Now, while I am talking to you, a house from the Northern New Town is being attacked,” a local from Minhla reported M-Media.

So far, two Muslim houses have been demolished _ one from the Fourth Lane, Northern New Town, and another from Zeyawadi Quarter. Even though security measures were made due to the news that the famous Tai-yar-kyaw Mosque would be also demolished, the thugs retreated just for a while and later on, as the mob with over three-hundred thugs came back and then the mosque is now being attacked.

There are three Mosques and approximately 100 Muslim houses in Minhla.

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