Zigone Refugees Updates (at 12:30 PM)

March 28, 2013
Tun Tauk


M-Media talked to a refugee who has fled Zigone, Pegu (Bago) division, due to spreading religious persecution in Myanmar.

“Muslims including those whose homes were destroyed in Zigone have fled their homes to nearby villages where temporary camps have been opened.

There is information spreading in Zigone that the villages that have temporary camps will also be attacked. Buddhist friends from Zigone called to inform us. About 22 soldiers from Inn Ma are here to protect us.

Zigone township funeral service just came to give us some food and water. About 4/5 of Muslim residents are still in the village, which is a Buddhist majority one. Local Buddhist residents are also protecting us. What about Muslims? What will Muslim organizations do? Violence in the western part of Pegu division is the worst. Everyone responsible should do something to help. Otherwise, we will have more problems. Please help so that riots don’t occur in other areas.”

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