Eleven Media mentioned the incorrect list of mosques inside Myanmar without any citation

3rd April 2013


The news article in Eleven media website (please click on the following link) described the inaccurate numbers of mosques inside Myanmar.
“Among states and divisions, the largest number of mosques is in Rakhine State which accommodates about 100 mosques. It is estimated that there are about 700 mosques all over the country.”

However, the numbers mentioned in Eleven media are greatly differ from the official list of religious buildings which is described in the book of Tha Tanar Yang War Htun Say Phoe (Shining the Bright Light of Religion) published by Ministry of Defense of Myanmar in 1997.

In the official list, the number of mosques in Rakhine state is 1238 which is 10 times more than the numbers provided by Eleven media.
Although Eleven media said there are about 700 mosques all over the country, there are over 1500 mosques more than the figure given by Eleven, according to the official list.

list 2

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