Malicious attack on the media facebook pages

23rd April 2013
MCA claimed that they are responsible for the attack on Bangladesh government website

M-Media Facebook pages and several other media pages, which represent democratic and minority rights for Muslims and ethnic minority groups in Burma, had been maliciously attacked.

According to some sources, M-Media confirm that the attackers were the members of racist and neo-Nazi campaigns in Burma.

The Burmese hackers based in several locations have been attacking M-Media web site,, since July last year when ethnic Muslims were being massacred in Rakhine state by the government and racists (please refer to Human Right Watch report here (

As you are well aware of, an anti-Muslim violence recently took place in central and several other places of Burma.  (Please refer to BBC World here –

M-Media team realized that the Facebook must have received tons of report about M-Media Facebook pages because of the cunning attack uses a script which reports automatically to Facebook without human intervention.

Anti-Muslim and Neo-Nazi campaigners are targeting the websites of News Agencies and their Facebook Fan pages as well as peace activists’ Facebook accounts. They have attacked their Facebook pages/accounts since 21st April by the following means.

M-Media have noticed this link which encourages, in a cheated way, all the Burmese, especially the Buddhists majority to report the Facebook pages of the media, by using Browsers Add-On so that the Facebook admin will receive tons of report within a very few time frame.

And this is the another link – which mentions the list of the victims of theirs.

M-Media have translated those two links for ready reference. Translated versions are available in undermentioned links.



Due to the ignorance of Burmese government, there are several Facebook pages which propagate severe hate messages against Muslims. And the personnel behind those pages are highly suspected for this attack too.

Today morning, Facebook team published back the M-Media and other Facebook pages which had been attacked.

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