Interview with a Muslim who attended 969 training

1st May 2013
Khun Thihan

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Last week, I talked to a Muslim man in a southern state of Myanmar who ended up at an event related to the 969 movement in early April.

He was standing at a betel shop with a few other Buddhists. One person told them to join him towards the monastery where a 969 sermon was talking place. As he does not look like a typical Muslim man, he was mistaken to be a Buddhist. He was not sure of himself why he joined the group.

When they got to a monastery, a monk was preaching anti-Muslim ideas.

When they got to a nearby field, the man told them to sit on the ground. He told the crowd that Burmese people need to wipe out Kalars who will soon attack Buddhists. He said if the Buddhists do not take action, Kalars will do, and therefore it is important to protect Bamar and Buddhists from Kalar terrorists.

He told the group that he is giving training to people over how to attack and fight. He is prepared to give 5,000 kyat a day for each training day, and for the days of actual attack.

One person in the crowd question about police arrest.

The man replied that the group members  would be issued cards which can be shown to the police to avoid arrest.

The man also mentioned that the family of the people would be taken care of if something happen to the group members (meaning if a group member dies).

The Muslim man got nervous. He hid his face by keeping his head down during the entire event. He was about to vomit and faint. After day one, he decided to quickly disappear from the scene. He did not go to the second day but instead left for other town for fear that they would find out.

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