969 Activists persuading to recruit in Lauklay-chaung Village, Taikkyi Township

May 2, 2013
Reported by Sone Hmak

Taik Kyi,Yangon

It was reported by a local resident that in Lauklay-chaung Village, two miles’ distance from Taikkyi, in this afternoon, the 969 activists _ U Soe Aung (Excellent teashop) and Maung Win (Eiksitan Lottery shop) _ were actively persuading people from the village to be recruited in their movement.

“We are the local Muslims. As rumors like people are gathering and implementing their plans (to cause riots) generally come true in many places, we have had to send the elderly, children and ladies to Yangon (so that they escape). Now we are staying here but feeling insecure. Everyone needs to be alert,” said a local man to M-Media.

There are about 700 Muslim houses and a mosque in that Lauklay-chaung Village, Taikkyi Township.

It was also reported that due to the unrest in Tharyarwaqdi, Thonese, in the afternoon about 3pm, article 188 had been imposed in that region.

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