Anti-Islamic leaflets are distributing in Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State, and surrounding towns

May 24, 2013
Kyauk Khaeဲ

During these days, anti-Islamic booklets and leaflets jeopardizing to boycott Muslims’ shops were being distributed in some slums of Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State.


An Anti-Islamic Booklet distributed in Taunggyi and surrounding towns

One week ago, 969 sermons were delivered in most of the monasteries in Taunggyi and surrounding towns. In those sermons, anti-Islamic ideas were preached, and also the facts not to marry Muslims and buy from Muslim’s shops and stores were included.

In order to grow hatred of local Muslims, anti-Islamic rumors were intentionally spread. Due to such activities, local Muslims were worrying about emerging of hate based problems among the public.

A shopkeeper from Myo Ma Market located in Taunggyi said, “Our businesses are still regular. It may be because of having a lot of regular customers. Our regular customers are from outlying areas. Most of them are Buddhists. We have had dealt with them since twenty years ago and so we are now like kith and kin. There has been no problem between us up to today.”

She continued, “The other day, my Buddhist customer from another township had worryingly warned me to stay alert. What she said is that then they had felt ashamed too much as their customers disrespectfully treated them, forcing to reduce prices with the complaint that they selectively bought from theirs because of being Buddhists’ and they didn’t want to go to Kalars’ shops.”


An Anti-Islamic Leaflet distributed in Taunggyi and surrounding towns

“The point is that in the cases of spreading anti-Islamic leaflets and sermon CDs, innocent indigenous people follow anti-Islamic Buddhist monks blindly or are against Muslims just as others do, knowing nothing and not studying Islam thoroughly. As a result, it makes starting to grow hatred among followers of different faiths who have peacefully and harmoniously co-existed for years now. It is not good for both communities. It is too disappointing,” a Muslim traveling vendor from an outlying area told to M-Media.

Although regional government authorities permitted interfaith movements organized by some non-government organizations around the country, they are keeping silent and take no action on such distribution of anti leaflets and hate speech against Islam which has absolutely constitutional right.

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