Breaking News: Muslim homes and shops destroyed in Sagaing Division

August 24th, 2013
Htun Taut Kantbalu

Kanbalu, Sagaing, Myanmar

A violent mob has destroyed Muslim homes and shops in the town of Tham Gong (Kantbalu township) in Sagaing Division.

It began around 9:30 tonight. The mob destroyed three shops owned by Muslims in the market. The mob has moved to Myoma mosque.

At the time of reporting, the crowd is destroying a house and the teashop attached to it. The house and the teashop are located near the mosque. According to a local resident, the police has arrived at the scene to disband the crowd. They are also taking photos of people seen nearby.

A Zee Gong resident told M-Media that a monk from the town of Shwe Bo has left for the scene to stop the violence. M-Media is investigating the cause of violence. Tham Gong has around 300 Muslim houses, two mosques and one religious school. According to latest information, Sagaing Division security minister is on his way to the scene.

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