In Thandwe, the victims, Kaman ethnic people, are being arrested!

Oct 5, 2013
Reported by Htun Tauk

1150778_246119168873476_867669323_nIt is reported that not only the Rakhine terrorists but also Kaman ethnic people who actually are victims were started to be arrested from Oct 4 after catalogues of murders and arson in recent sectarian violence in villages, Thandwe, Rakhine State.

It is also informed that on Oct 4, a few Linnthi Kaman villagers were arrested by Shwe Hlae police station. A Linnthi villager told that the police had to arrest them because of the state authorities’ order although they did not wish to do so.

After arresting Ko Tin Naung Htun, a Linnthi villager, on Oct 4, the police also arrested his wife, Ma Khin May Than aka Ma Ni, at about 4 PM on the same day.

He was charged with having petrol bottles. However, a local resident told that the case was tricked, he already ran petrol shop before, and now the police intentionally gave it as a cause.

“The police from Shwe Hlae police station come here to arrest the villagers. But, they told that they don’t want to arrest them as they know each other very well and are friends. They must do so since they have no way apart from obeying the state authorities. They already permitted them to sell petrol before. Then, they now arrest them for petrol bottles. So, it is very clear that they are just purposely deceiving the business as a reason. Yesterday, they arrested Ma Ni’s couple. Today, they arrest further eleven people. In the village, men are running helter-skelter as the villagers are being arrested without any reason.”

It is reported that the eleven Kaman people arrested today Oct 5 were Ko Ko, Tin Shwe, Maung Tin Nu, Htun Htun Naing, Myo Min Thway, Yan Paing, Moe Kyoe, Kywat Phyu, Sayar Lay, Tin Hlaing Soe and Aung Thein, and Kaman men in Linnthi Village were worried for groundless arrests.

M-Media tried to contact to the Shwe Hlae police station by phone for the case but they answered that there was no arrest. Then, being asked specifically about arresting Linnthi villagers, the police parried the call by replying that they were too busy to answer the phone call.

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