The interview on the issue of the order to denude 200-year-old historic Lin Zin Gone Muslim Cemetery

Oct 6, 2013
Reproted by Thuta Maung Maung


On Sept 17, 2013, the Clean Department of Mandalay Municipal Committee officially sent an order letter to Lin Zin Gone Muslim Cemetery Administrative Committee to remove the cemetery by their own arrangement not later than Oct 17. Hence, for information about the matter, M-Media contacted U Khin Maung Soe, a member of the cemetery administrative committee, for an interview.

M-Media (M)- I’d like to know about the Municipal Committee’s order letter to denude Lin Zin Gone Muslim Cemetery.

U Khin Maung Soe (UKMS)- Yes, we also are attempting to cope it. So far the situation is happening as mentioned in the letter.

M- What does the committee prepare as the deadline in the order to remove it by own arrangement is Oct 17, 2013?

UKMS- As for us, a cemetery has never been removed at all in accordance with our religious teaching. So, we can’t denude it.

M- Then, what is your plan for this case?

UKMS- We’ve also appealed to the authorities for excluding the mosque and Dargah (a tomb of a revered religious figure).

M- Many historic, well-known icons like Saint Aabis Sha Husain Ni, Rammaawati Governor Shwe Taung Thargha Thu (honorable title) U Nu, an author and poet, who wrote and gave the historic explanation on Islam to King Boethaw Phayar, and other famous Myanmar Muslims were buried in the cemetery. That’s why, how will you manage this issue?

UKMS- Yes, here are the graves of historic figures like U Nu, U Pain, and others. Thus, we’ve already explained this point and requested to the authorities.

M- Then, how is the response to this request?

UKMS- On the matter of these historic monuments, they pointed out previous events of removing historic places and then, told to remove the cemetery too.

M- Now, most of the committee members are making a pilgrimage to Mecca and so, how do the rest members plan for the coming issues?

UKMS- Yes, this’s why, we the committee’s appealed to them to postpone the case until next month.

M- Yes, you’ve already asked them, hasn’t it?

UKMS- Yes, we’ve already requested officially.

M- What do they reply this official request?

UKMS- So far there has been no reply yet.

M- Yes. Thank you very much for answering the questions.

UKMS- Yes, me too.

After the notice to remove Lin Zin Gone Cemetery came out in Mandalay Daily Paper on May 31, 2012, the official appeal letter had been already sent to Chief Minister and different level of authorities. Also, a petition with over 3 000 signatures against that notice had already been sent to the all level of authorities

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