Rakhine: A Rohingya man was murdered on the way for wood cutting

Nov 2nd, 2013
Reported by Zar Ni


55 years old U Aa Lay Aha Man from Sin Tat Hmaw IDP camp for terrorized victims in Sittwe, Rakhine State was murdered on his way to a hill for wood cutting. Although his body was sought on the hill, arranging to carry it back for the funeral was not allowed.

Today about 8 AM, U Aa Lay Aha Man, a 55-year-old Sin Tat Hmaw villager, went to a hill with his children in order to cut wood. On the way, a few Rakhine terrorists caught him. The children flet and informed to villagers. Therefore, they collectively tried to find him and finally, found him as a body with tied limbs, a cut-throat and beaten injuries. When they prepared to bring the body to the village, the Rakhines and the army did not permit them. As a result, an argument had happened between villagers and the army. It changed into a quarrel and then, the security force stated to fire at villagers. Three Rohingya villagers got gunshot wounds and recently a NGO took them and send to Sittwe. Now, the situation was worrying that indigenous Rohingya people were threatened by surrounding Rakhine villages.

The local residents told that as an about 35 years old Rohingya man from the same village, who went to the hill for wood cutting, had not returned yet so far, the villages recognized that he was killed.

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