Permission for Demonstration against OIC granted within a day in Bago, though it is to be applied at least 5 days in advance

15th Nov 2013

It is reported that the demonstrations against the OIC delegations, who have been invited by the Myanmar Government to Myanmar to visit the areas affected by the recent communal riots, are being organized in Bago Region.

The march is reported to set off from Chanmyay Zayyar Sarmanaykyaw Monastery and leave for Pyin-si Market.

The Bago local reported M-Media that the permission for the demonstration was applied on 14th November to the police department, and granted within a day.

“According to the currently prescribed Legal Procedures on Demonstration, the permission is to be applied to the police department 5 days prior to the event. All over the country, many demonstrators who did not get the prior approval have been seized and imprisoned, as they are against the the section 505(B) and Section 18 of the Criminal Law. But now, this is permitted within a day, so it is very clear that the authorities from Myanmar are manipulating the law with great bias,” the Bago local said.


Photo(Internet) : The demonstration against the OIC in 2012

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