Yelling riot-monger bikers raid Thoe Chan Ward in Mandalay

5th July 2014
Reported by Thuta

Tonight was the second night since the curfew was imposed due to violence attacks in Mandalay. At about 8:30 PM, a group of people riding on three motorbikes raided Thoe Chan Ward, where Muslims were the majority, yelling internationally to stage violence in Chanmyatharsi Township, Mandalay. They ran away once local residents chased after them.

“Yes. The event had happened when we were performing the special night prayer of the fasting month. As they raided the ward yelling, we discontinued our prayer and chased after them. They fled. They were riding on there to four motorbikes. Some eyewitnesses told that a mob was following closely them. They were not entering from 62nd Road but from the west, a new road, Than Lan. Yes. Police has just patrolled for security. The situation is currently cool,” one Thoe Chan Ward resident said.

M-Media contacted Pyaegyi Tagon police station nearest to the ward to inquire about that matter.It replied, “We’re close to Thoe Chan. So far there is nothing unusual.”

On account of the violent attacks breaking out in Mandalay these days, the city dwellers were anxious and eager to end these attacks.

Almost simultaneously, bikers shouted insults, “Kalar (a rude discriminated word to Indians)…”, in order to trigger unrest in Taung Myint Ward, Pyaegyi Tagon Township, and then ran away.

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