969 Monk Ashin Wirathu protects an accused sex offender and forces the victim to close the case.

June 3rd 2014
M- Media
Sue Htet, La Min

rape case

During the press conference held in Myanmar Journalist Network, a 17 years old rape victim lived in Maw Ya Wi War quarter, Aye Chan Thar San Township, Mandalay and her mother told the media that the victim was raped by Mandalay division court officer U Tin Maung Win and although they have filed the formal complaint at the court, the trail cannot begin till now.

The rape victim said in the conference that she was acquainted with the court officer U Tin Maung Win during her brother’s narcotic trial. According to her, she was raped on March 8 2014 when U Tin Maung Win brought her to Pyin Oo Lwin, telling that he will introduce her to his officer in order to get help for her brother’s case.

The girl told the media that, “he said ’the time for final verdict of your brother’s case is approaching. So let’s go and meet my boss.’ He left me at a restaurant. When he came back, he offered me a drink. I drank it and after a while, I felt dizzy. After that, he took me to a guest house and raped me. When I woke up, he said ‘Don’t tell anyone about this and I will help in your brother’s case to receive lesser charge.’”

Although the girl filed a police complaint against him in Pyin Oo Lwin police office, 969 chief monk Ashin Wirathu is protecting the accused sex offender from being put in the trial.

The mother of the victim girl said that they didn’t feel safe at home and the monks came to their home and forced them to close the case. She expressed her wish clearly that they don’t want any compensation except to charge the offender with severe penalty.

Ko Yan Naing Htwe, an advisor of Myanmar Laborer Union who helps the victim on humanitarian ground told the media that he called to Ashin Wirathu to discuss about the case. “I requested U Wirathu not to listen to only one side. Invite the victim and her family to your monastery and ask them. After listening to both sides, help the one who tells the truth and hand over the liar to the police. I requested him to listen to both sides and decide with wisdom. But his answer made me really sad. He replied, “Don’t call me again if you are not going to close the case in the court.”

U Wirathu told to Ko Yan Naing Htwe that he had an obligation to protect Tin Maung Win and affirmed not to call him again unless they are ready to close the case in the court.

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