Thirteen youths are accused of involving in Mandalay communal violence and arrested

12th July 2014
Reported by Thuta
Total thirteen young people, who resided in Phalanbo Compound located at 34th Street, between 74th and 75th Streets, Mawragiwah Ward, were caught by police force at about 6:45 PM this night.

Sitting together at 34th Street, they were arrested by the police. Some local residents told that as ward residents gathered to that place, six police cars reached the place. Then, the police blocked 34th, 73rd, 74th and 75th Streets.

After the end of violence in Mandalay, one person was arrested at the fist time, two persons at the second time and now this time was the third time arrest.

The list of the arrested people, inquired so far, is

(1) Lin Lin Maung, U Khin Maung’s son,
(2) Naung Naung, U Tin Win’s son,
(3) Chit Kaung, U Chit San’s son,
(4) Aung Myo Sek, U Aung Soe (Artist)’s son,
(5) Moe Thi Ha, U Tin Moe’s son, who is 19 year old,
(6) Chit Thet Paing, U Myint Thein’s son,
(7) Nay Zin Aung, U Khin Maung Zin’s son, and
(8) Nyi Nyi, U Kyaw Naing’s son.

They were taken to the regional criminal investigation department.
Regarding to this case, the facebook page of ‘Hmu Zaw’, who is the director of the president office U Zaw Htay, posted that the suspects involved in the communal conflicts were inspected.

After Mandalay violence, 969 Buddhist radical group leader U Wira Thu allegedly told the media that Muslims triggered and committed the violence attacks. Some authorities stated similarly as well.

Some local residents opined that it was too obvious that the government authorities plotted to blame Muslims one-sidedly as perpetrators for the violence attacks in Mandalay as they did not take any action to rioters who openly held deadly weapons on the roads at that time when the section 144 curfew was imposed.

Though the news that some of the arrested was freed was spread, it had not been confirmed yet.

Photo- Mandalay Conflict Resolution Committee Facebook Page

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