Forced demolition of Kan Gyi Mosque in Yamethin Township, Myanmar

20th Nov 2014
Reported by Chan Nyein Aye


Because of Township Ma Ba Tha’s demand, the authorities forced and threatened the mosque administrative committee and then, demolished 500-year-old Kan Gyi Mosque in Yamethin, Myanmar.

A local resident who knew about the history of the mosque well said,

“Ba Ma Ka Ward and Kan Gyi Mosque have existed since 500 years ago. Three people namely Major Kyaw Kyaw Htun from Yangon Military Intelligent Force 22, a husband of ex-general Khin Nyunt’s niece, the commander of Army Force 15 and the military head of Mandalay Division collectively alleged in trick that the ward and mosque invaded the compound of Shwe Si Gone Pagoda. Consequently, 44 Muslim houses were removed in 1994. At that time, the local authorities defended that the mosque and Kan Gyi Lake did not include in invading.


In 2007, the green map license of religious land of the mosque and lake was cancelled, and the mosque was shut down.

In 2014, the district and township administrative authorities together with 969 forces and the Interfaith and Social group backed by the president U Thein Sein threatened the mosque administrative committee and the group of Muslim religious scholars to sign the record document of giving up the mosque and acceptance to be demolished. According to Ma Ba Tha’s demand, it was knocked down on 20 Nov 2014.”


“The rumors that the Muslim cemetery would be demolished after the mosque in order to be sold the land, and then other mosques in the township would tear down, making Muslims unable to live in Yemathin are spreading. Therefore, Myanmar Muslims are worriedly observing how the president and his government handle this issue. Local Muslims are also anxious as such forced action of demolishing religious buildings”, a local Muslim added.


Social media pages named Ma Ba Tha and 969 spreading the fabricated message that the mosque was finished for invading. The pages also stated the demolition of the mosque as their win. Local Ma Ba Tha chair monk U Candobhaasa posted at his Facebook page that ‘Mahaavijaya Saasana Building’ will be constructed at the place of the demolished ancient mosque.

Photo from Min Kyaung Cando Facebook and others Facebook

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