Wirathu challenged Myanmar Muslim Community with aggressive word

March.26th 2015
Report By-Moe Wai


Myanmar extremist monk Wirathu challenged country’s Muslims community concerning the request of Islamic Religious Organizations to Myanmar Press Council about one of the article of weekly ultra-nationalist journal journal.
Thar Kee Thway one of the two hate based anti-Muslim weekly ultra-nationalist journals published an article ‘Family Conversation 12’ insulting Islam and prophet Muhammad in its Volume 2, No 13 published on January 4th. Although the word ‘Muslim’ means person who affiliated religion of Islam, that article written by NatminGyi in page 11 described ‘Mohammedan Muslim’ as a race.

Moreover, it fabricated Allah (Islamic name for God) was born on April of 570 AD in Arab tribe and killed cruelly those disobeyed him. Allah has chosen killers as prophets, it said.

About the Prophet Muhammed, the article used incorrect information and also described that prophet had twelve official wives and many unofficial wives citing Times Magazine. According to that article the Quran is book that gathered random words of prophet Muhammad by his companion Abu Bakar.

For that article, a request letter signed by five Islamic Religious Organizations was sent to Myanmar Press Council to prevent such hate-speech and inciting religious hatred using incorrect information.

When the Myanmar Press Council summoned officials of Thar Kee Thway ultra-nationalist journal, Wirathu, known as Buddhist Bin La Din, posted a remark on his Facebook page on March 14 and challenged Islamic Religious Organizations and whole Myanmar Muslim Community with the word leaning to aggressive action.

He claimed the writer used correct information and doesn’t scare anything. He said Mya Say Di monk told him to give lesson members of Islamic Religious Organizations and cited “Ma Ba Tha (ultra-nationalist organization) has been playing with defensive way and do you want offensive?” as saying of Mya Say Di monk referring their actions against Muslim community. In that remark, Wirathu used word ‘Kalar’ (discrimination term like Niger) repeatedly to describe Muslims.

Thar Kee Thway, backed by Ma Ba Tha, published a lot of articles insulting Islam and inciting hatred among the citizens of Myanmar using incorrect information, fake history of Islam and nationalism in its previous publishing.

ref: https://www.facebook.com/ven.wirathumsy/posts/624865730990272


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