An urgent call to act against the hate monger, Nay Myo Wai

16th May 2015
Daniel Shane

On 14 May 2015, New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof urged the Obama administration to do something for its largely unhelpfulness to Myanmar, a country which is considered as one of the diplomatic successes of the United States of America. Kristof’s “Crisis at sea” focused on the Rohingyas’ atrocities, which are yet to be surprised act of Thein Sein’s government when it comes to the many untold persecutions against constitutionally identifiable Muslim citizens.

While the attention of the world is on Rohingyas who have fled to sea in boats, the leaders of the minority Burmese Muslim citizens have been constantly being threatened by a legitimate political party, Peace and Diversity (PDP).

The Union Muslims Nationwide Conference Organizing Committee (UMNOCOC), apparently founded in last year, was trying to legally organize the union Muslims nationwide conference, which is tentatively set to happen on 25th May 2015 in Yangon.

The purpose behind this three days conference is to officially reclaim the rights of Muslim citizens peacefully. “Our aim is to assure the equal rights and responsibilities of the citizens, especially the security of the minority rights. The welfare of the Union of Myanmar is also the welfare of Muslim citizens. We believe that the Muslim citizens are also a part of the Union”, says U Ong Maung, a lawyer and the secretary of UMNOCOC during his interview with Radio Free Asia. It was reported that the conference would represent every individual Muslim citizen. According to U Ong Maung, the government’s permission to hold such conference is still under process though he stressed that it will surely abide by the law.

Government is probably uninterested in this, as it has been taking time to response back to UMNOCOC’s request. In the mean time, a status on Facebook turned up and which described the government’s denial of permission for holding the so-called Union Muslim Conference.

This status was written and publicly shared by Nay Myo Wai who was once famous as a self-appointed leader of the farmers. He has opened his own appalling chapter — which is solely intended to incite hatred towards NLD’s members in general, Muslim citizens in particular — on Facebook.

Self-Styled Hate Monger, Nay Myo Wai

Self-Styled Hate Monger, Nay Myo Wai

Nay Myo Wai has been constantly inciting hatred and threating the Muslim citizens. His open threat to the Union Muslim Conference was emerged even before the public statement, dated on 12th May 2015, for holding it by UMNOCOC. He urgently called the violent and deadly attack to embark on 25th May 2015 against this conference.

We will openly attack this Kalar conference.

We won’t allow them to use the term “Union”.

They use this word as a technique to advance towards politics

We won’t be masked. Anyone who dares to take picture of us will be hit by bamboo stick.

Media is not pardoned too.

If you don’t want this to happen, cease them, the Kalars, from step forwarding. There is no way back. No one is allowed to take picture or will be hit.

The aforementioned was his notorious Facebook status being liked and shared by a thousand of netizens.

A photo shared by Nay Myo Wai on Facebook

A photo shared by Nay Myo Wai on Facebook

Nay Myo Wai’s thug member holding a bamboo stick

Nay Myo Wai’s thug member holding a bamboo stick

“We will legally take this (bamboo) sticks” which was the caption of his photo of the piles of solid kind of bamboo sticks.

Although he kept claiming that he was doing this sort of hate mongering under no aegis of any authority, he could freely incite hatred towards Islam even in some events of a certain number of primary schools where he used some posters containing the dead bodies of the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Once, the outspoken activist, Dr. Maung Zarni accused him of the puppet master behind every violence against Muslim minority while labeling him as crude and thuggish chairman of PDP.

His motivation to attack the UMNOCOC’s leaders have been being appeared in timely manner whenever the Muslim leaders are set to hold the meeting in different towns.

23 hours ago today, he alarmed the people of Myit Kyi Na and Kyaut Badaung, the towns located in upper part of Myanmar, as the leaders of UMNOCOC are meeting with some Muslim residents of the towns, with his own agitatedly made-up stories.

Myanmar government must act against this self-styled hate monger, Nay Myo Wai since he kept trolling the defamation and inflammatory remarks against the Muslim leaders and calling the massive deadly attack on peaceful Muslim conference.

International and national media are in lack of the coverage of this hate mongering and the call of violent attack. We hope that they are not waiting for another bloodshed.



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